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Sometimes all you need is a cleaning!

Typewriters rarely hide paint or keys intact under dust and dirt. They can be brought back to life without being reconditioned, which is a good thing. However, typewriters are objects that must be cleaned carefully, otherwise they can be easily destroyed. For example, the original decals and inscriptions have a special sensitivity. Cleaning is not an easy step as it seems if you do not have the right tools or products that do not harm the typewriter, but still clean it thoroughly.

That's why, when it comes to cleaning, we take care of:


Cleaning the original paint

Typewriters with intact paint are a real treasure because when they are cleaned they seem to come back to life.


Cleaning mechanisms

The mechanisms collect a lot of dust over time, which combines with the lubricating oil. This type of dirt sometimes greatly affects the performance of the typewriter.


Cleaning the keys

Imagine that typewriters collect all the impurities of the fingers that have been typing for decades on the same keys. Deep cleansing is more than essential.

If you don't know how to clean your typewriter, contact us and we can guide you on what decisions to make next.

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