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Typing Therapy

No matter what field we work in, we love to type. We like the sound of the keys of a typewriter, because it relaxes us and takes us somewhere far from our century. It's good to escape sometimes, isn't it?

A typewriter can be the element that makes the difference in how we feel when we do our work. Either we use it to write, as a decoration, or to give it as a gift to a loved one.

How to write giant messages?


Entering a fantastic area, we present you the huge Underwood Master typewriter. Seeing the picture for the first time, we thought about how ingenious the idea of ​​an advertisement with a giant typewriter was, thinking it was a very successful collage. On closer inspection, we realize that it is NOT a collage, but a huge model of a typewriter. After much research, we were completely shocked to learn that this typewriter, which appeared at the 1940 exhibition organized by Underwood Elliott Fisher (originally Underwood Typewriter Company), is an AUTHENTIC and perfectly FUNCTIONAL typewriter. The huge typewriter weighed 14 tons and was 1,728 times larger than the normal Underwood Master typewriter. Only the carriage weighed 1587 kg and each key weighed about 18 kg. It took 3 years to build. Propaganda at the time said it offered "an exact reproduction of the typewriter you might buy." At the time, the press said it was unlikely that an exhibition featuring mainly banking, office equipment and life insurance companies would attract too many visitors, but the giant typewriter was the main attraction. In the context of World War II, according to speculation on the Internet, the fate of the Underwood Master took a more tragic turn than its sister Underwood 5. According to vague information, the Giant Underwood Master was sold for scrap metal to the US army. It is not known if this information is accurate, unfortunately, the truth will remain far in the mists of the past. More interesting information and pictures can be found HERE and HERE. 


The gigantic Underwood 5 typewriter, unveiled at San Francisco’s Pan Pacific International Expo in 1915, is a complete splendor. Indeed, a 14-ton "tank". Who could have thinked that they had the means, imagination and time to implement the manufacture of a typewriter of this size? They simply had all the means because that times allowed cheap and mass production. With a width of about 6 meters and a height of 5 and a half meters, this Underwood 5 typewriter was a real engineering show given by the visible mechanisms, an appreciable feature that we can find in the design of Underwood 5. An adult could very good sit on one of its keys. It took a whole year to develop the design plans and then another year until the actual construction. The paper they used on such a typewriter measured 2.7 x 3.6 m, and the ink ribbon was 30 meters long. We thought how incredible it would be to have and use such a typewriter. Only to see it would be something unique, but unfortunately these typewriters are no longer available to the public today. When the exhibition ended on December 4, 1915, many of the exhibits were sold at public auctions, including the Underwood 5 typewriter. The buyer of the machine exhibited it for some 20 years in Atlantic City to write news and scores from baseball games ”. Rumors on the internet say that there were also hired dancers who typed messages for passers-by in dance steps. More interesting information and pictures can be found HERE and HERE. 

How to use a typewriter?

In this video, we can see how to use a typewriter correctly, according to the experts of that time. Enjoy!

Write in the old style

Meet an old world of writing that some of the most prominent personalities in history lived every day. Here we present 20 Authors with their typewriters.

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